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Second Union

  • INTERVIEW: Illustrator Paul Shipper

    If you attended or were even just aware of Star Wars Celebration Orlando (SWCO) last April, you couldn’t help but run across this man’s work. It was literally EVERYWHERE you looked! Badges, posters, banners, social media etc. Essentially, anything that said “Star Wars Celebration” was accompanied by this man’s artwork. Recently I[…]

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  • Julie Nimoy Talks “Remembering Leonard Nimoy”

    Remembering Leonard Nimoy is a new documentary film which premiered in April at the Newport Beach Film Festival and airs this fall on PBS.  The film is an intimate journey into the life, legacy and personal battle with COPD, of the legendary actor Leonard Nimoy, most widely known for his iconic[…]

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  • REVIEW: Cars 3

    Cars 3 is directed by Brian Fee and is the newest film in Disney/Pixar’s library. It continues the story of Lightning McQueen, the hotshot race car who isn’t that great anymore. A new race car named Jackson Storm is on the rise, and McQueen wants to prove that he is still[…]

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  • Wonder Woman (2017 Movie Review)

    Move over Lynda Carter. There is a new gal in town and her name is Gal Gadot. For a generation that never grew up with the television icon, the Israeli-born actress will become the fanboy favorite this summer. Anyone who saw the movie trailers over the past eight months could[…]

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  • INTERVIEW: Pat Evans From ‘The Beat of the Bat’

      Those of us of a certain age, having grown up in the 70’s, remember the original Batman television series with an almost religious reverence. The series based on the heroic exploits of DC Comics’ Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin, was beamed into our living rooms every weekday afternoon in[…]

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  • The Second Union Summer Movie Guide – 2017

    With the summer months fast approaching, we’re all going to be looking for ways to stay cool! One way we do that is by packing ourselves into our local air-conditioned cineplexes and watching (and sometimes rewatching) our favorite summer blockbusters on the big screen. This summer will be no exception, Despicable[…]

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EXCELSIOR! New Releases Announced from Figures Toy Company

The new releases keep rolling in over at Figures Toy Company, and collectors couldn’t be happier about it!  Several new figures have just been added to and are ready to ship. The creator of classic comic book characters, a crazed colossus, and a star of the squared circle are[…]

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FAN FEST PORTLAND Event – June 24­-25

FAN FEST PORTLAND BRINGS WALKER STALKER AND HEROES & VILLAINS TO THE NORTHWEST TWO Conventions Come Together for an Incredible Fan Meet­Up Event on June 24­-25, 2017 Fans of The Walking Dead, Arrow, Gotham, Guardians of the Galaxy and more have the opportunity to meet their favorite stars at the[…]

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