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Rob’s Reviews: Superman #7

superman-7-2016Welcome to Rob’s Reviews! This week I review Superman #7, published by DC Comics.


“SON OF SUPERMAN” part 7! In this epilogue issue, Superman considers the toll his battles with the Eradicator and Doomsday have taken on his family and the need for a normal life. But can the Man of Steel ever take a day off?

STORY: There are very few one-issue stories published anymore, as most are multi-issue arcs. This issupetertomasie was not only a one-issue story but a fantastic one at that. Peter Tomasi, hits a walk-off homer with this one. It was all about the family dynamic and rural setting that encapsulates the new reiteration of Superman. It was light-hearted but meaningful, like Little House on the Prairie meets the Dukes of Hazzard (I dated myself there didn’t I?). The development of Jon (Superboy) continues to be stellar, and the relationships between Lois as mother/wife, and Clark as father/husband are excellent because they are based in reality.  Story gets 5 👍 out of 5 👍


4120266-jorgefoto1ART: Jorge Jimenez‘s  pencils are a great compliment to the story, and his depiction of young Jon with glasses is truly an iconic picture, that I hope endures for the next decade. As I have said previously, art is very subjective and my criteria is that I know what is being drawn (i.e. a horse looks like a horse and not a dog) and the art jives with the story, and Jimenez nails it big time. Art: 4 👍 out of 5 👍


PRICE: Superman comes in at $2.99 an issue, but is published twice a month, so when all is said and done you are paying $5.98 a month for one title. As I have said previously this is a bit steep, as if you are on a budget you are doubling your pulls, but not your titles.  Price: 2 👍 out of 5 👍


Rob’s Recommendation: Buy! This was a great stand-alone issue, that to me really gives a great insight into Superman’s motivations and priorities.

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