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‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ New Trailer – Prepare for Battle!


The third installment, “War For The Planet Of The Apes,” looks to be the most colossal of the franchise yet. Following the events of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Caesar (Andy Serkis) and his clan are forced into battle against the humans. After seeing the aftermath of hurt and pain caused by the humans, Caeser decides to seek revenge and goes up against the ruthless Colonel (Woody Harrelson) who is anxious to end the ape life. Judy Greer and Steve Zahn co-star.

“At the end of Dawn, Caesar’s apes are at the precipice of war,” Film Director Matt Reeves said, before stating that Caesar was the one link between humans and apes. “Koba could not ever live alongside the humans and that started a war.”

Andy Serkis’ performance as Caeser has been one of the successes of the franchise. When it comes to motion capture performances, Serkis is Caesar. Hopefully, he will finally get a Best Leading Actor nod from the Hollywood award shows.

War For The Planet Of The Apes” opens in theaters nationwide July 14, 2017. Watch the new trailer below.

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