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On Location: The Vampire Diaries – Finale Party

On Friday, March 10th, I took a road trip to the filming location of The Vampire Diaries in Covington, Georgia. This is where the series called home for 8 seasons. The beautiful Covington Square was transformed one last time into Mystic Falls to showcase on a large screen the last episode of the series. As the countdown to the finale began, “Best of the Best” episodes were shown on the large screen. Before viewing, a few local businesses hosted “Mystic Falls Founders Day” which showcased a few events like, celebrity photo-ops, swag giveaways and local business specials to enjoy. Here are a few highlights of the day:

My first stop was to the gift shop run by Vampire Stalkers. They host fabulous tours around Mystic Falls. Vampire Stalkers: Mystic Falls Tours is rated the #6 Best Vampire Destination in the World by The Travel Channel and #1 by the cast. If you are a big fan of The Vampire Diaries, this is a must do.

Finally, we settled in for the live viewing of the final episode of this beloved series. Lawn chairs and blankets occupied by true TVD fans filled the square. With the famous clock tower as the backdrop, Covington Square was the perfect setting for this once in a lifetime event. I heard gasps of excitement and sadness as I recorded the audience’s reaction to the final 6 minutes of the show and it best summed up how much the show meant to fans across the world. Take a look…`

ALERT: This video contains SPOILERS.


At the end of this eventful night, we dined at the illustrious Mystic Grill. Stepping into the restaurant one can truly feel the aura of the cast and crew, who often dined there during filming breaks.

All in all, it was a grand evening! As I sat in the memorialized chair of Alaric Saltzman, I ended the night with a toast. In my glass was a Vampire’s Kiss martini. A must try! If you want to start the drama from the beginning, the first 7 seasons are available on Netflix and re-watch the series finale on The CW App. #TVDForever

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