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Second Union

‘The Sims 4’ Stuff Pack Objects And Clothing Vote

The next round of Stuff Pack voting has begun! Simmers have until May 21st to browse through the concept art which was drawn for the pack and select which objects and pieces of clothing will make it into The Sims 4. Style B earned the most votes during the Art Style Vote back in April, so the objects and clothing being voted on this month have a cluttered, country boho theme. The voting is limited to 28 objects and 14 clothing options, so be sure to pick out only your absolute favourites!

If you miss out on this round of voting, there will be a few more chances to take part. Here are the remaining polls to look forward to:

Feature Vote (June 23rd – June 26th): Select the top gameplay feature(s) you want to have included in the pack.
Pack Icon Vote (Fall): Peruse different icons and select the one that will appear in the pack’s box art and within the in-game catalog.
Pack Title Vote (Fall): Select a title that best summarizes the pack’s atmosphere and content.

The Sims 4 fans who want to vote should head over to the official Sims website!

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