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Second Union

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 Night Light Alarm Clocks

Preview the brand new 5.5 inch alarm clocks, coming this September from BulbBotz!

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 just days away from its Digital and Blu Ray™ release, BulbBotz are excited to present their latest range of night light alarm clocks.

The newest release from BulbBotz sees the galaxy’s mightiest heroes, Groot and Rocket Racoon in signature BulbBotz form: pint-sized and bulb-shaped in appearance character light up alarm clocks.

Featuring a night-light, simply push down on their heads to make them light up. Their hilarious sound effects are triggered simply by pressing the sound button on their torso. Whilst Groot’s vocabulary may be limited, this won’t hold him back from waking you from your slumber. As Guardian of the Keystone Quadrant, Rocket Racoon will never leave your side in a moment of need, but don’t let this comical hero’s furry demeanor deceive you! The genetically modified space menace stands a chance of delivering some serious tail kicking!

Standing at 5.5 inches, with an easy to read backlit LCD screen, alarm and snooze function, Groot and Rocket Racoon are undoubtedly well equipped to protect the Galaxy from the enemies of the cosmos.

For more from BulbBotz, be sure to visit their website.


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