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Second Union

FUNKO WATCH: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Holy nerfherders! A crap-ton of new Star Wars: The Last Jedi Funko products hit stores starting tomorrow, September 1st, and they look awesome! Look out for old friends/foes and new ones as these will be fine additions to our collections!

Galactic Plushies

Wacky Wobblers

First Order Executioner

POP! Pens

Mystery Minis


Water Bottles

POP! Vinyl Bobble-Heads

First Order Snowtrooper
Captain Phasma
First Order Flametrooper
Luke Skywalker
Poe Dameron
First Order Executioner
Supreme Leader Snoke
Praetorian Guard
Kylo Ren
Porg (Chase Variant)
Praetorian Guard (Walgreens Exclusive)
Praetorian Guard (Walgreens Exclusive)

Porg (Flocked) [Hot Topic Exclusive]
Porg (Flocked) [Hot Topic Exclusive] {Chase Variant}

Resistance BB Unit (Walmart Exclusive)
Princess Leia (Walmart Exclusive)
DJ (GameStop Exclusive)
Kylo Ren (Toys R Us Exclusive)
Chewbacca (Flocked) [FYE Exclusive]
BB-9E (Box Lunch Exclusive)
BB-8 & BB-9E 2-pk (Best Buy Exclusive)
First Order 3-pk (Costco Exclusive)
Rebel 3-pk (Costco Exclusive)
First Order 4-pk (Costco Exclusive)
Rebel 4-pk (Costco Exclusive)

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