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Before he broke out on his own as Nightwing, he was Robin, The Teen Wonder!  Batman’s loyal ward grew up before our eyes in the pages of DC Comics, and now it’s time to celebrate the superhero with an all-new action figure from Figures Toy Company!
There are already several Batman Retro series of figures in stock at, and a new series will see the release of a new Robin figure complete with an updated design to match Teen Wonder era artwork!  FTC is only giving a small taste of what’s to come by showing off the packaging artwork, but it’s sure to get Bat-fans talking!  Their new Robin is already the fourth release teased in recent weeks, as we’ve already seen the artwork for new Joker, Harley Quinn, and Supergirl figures that are in the pipeline!
With so many superheroes on the way, collectors best start saving some money so that they can enjoy all of FTC’s new offerings!  Look for more developments from your favorite retro figure toymaker in the coming weeks here at Second Union, and be sure to check out their wide selection of characters already in stock!  Saturday Morning Cartoon favorites from Hanna Barbera, notable DC Comics heroes and villains, and even legendary bands like KISS and The Monkees would all look great on your toy shelf!  Give FTC a follow on social media (@FiguresToyCo on Twitter, Figures Toy Company on Facebook/Instagram), and get ready for more amazing action figures from them in the near future!

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